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Assessment session

The assessment session is the first initial meeting between the psychologist and client. It is 50 minutes long and usually takes one session to complete. 


An assessment session is an opportunity for the client to understand what therapy is and how it works. The client will talk briefly about why they want to come to therapy and talk a little about their present life and past history. After the assessment session, client and therapist will decide if the type of therapy offered is a suitable option. If it is a suitable option then an agreement will be made to start therapy sessions. If it is not a suitable option you will be signposted to a service which is more appropriate. 


Therapy session 

Therapy sessions are 50 minute sessions which usually take place once a week at the same time. 


Skype therapy session

Skype therapy is for individuals who live far away or find it hard to commute and can save travelling time and costs. 



Assessment session (50 minutes): £50 per session (reduced fee for assessment only)


Therapy session (50 minutes): £100 per session


Online therapy session (50 minutes): £100 per session 

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