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​I utilise the symbol of a dragonfly in my professional life as I can relate to the various meanings it offers.


One of the meanings a dragonfly symbolises is change. Change is the reason why some individuals come to therapy. Sometimes we are unhappy about certain aspects of our lives and having a space to talk about it can be good. It can help us to relieve stress and anxiety, allowing us to see things with a new perspective. Sometimes we come to therapy with a direct goal in changing one or several aspects of our lives.


Another meaning the symbol of the dragonfly conveys is transformation. This is the journey clients go through once the process of change begins in their lives. Clients want change in their lives and seeing and understanding the process of change and the different stages clients go through is an amazing concept. It allows them to gain a deeper understanding of themselves.


The dragonfly symbolises adaptability. We live in a constantly changing universe and this is reflected through the constant change we experience in our everyday lives-big or small. Adaptability is the capacity to adjust ourselves to fit in with these changed circumstances. Sometimes this adaptation can be difficult to do and can result in positive and negative outcomes. Therapy can help us talk about and learn skills to deal with the constant changes experienced on an everyday basis.


The dragonfly is connected to the phenomenon of light. This encourages us to delve deeper into our emotions and allow the hidden parts of us to be seen. It encourages transparency, which is something I as a therapist strive to show to my clients. In therapy sessions with a client it is important I am genuine and open to my clients- showing them what I am thinking. This helps to build trust between client and therapist. A good therapeutic alliance is an important aspect of therapy as it helps to facilitate a positive therapeutic experience which helps to facilitate positive therapeutic growth. Remaining true to our real selves can allow us to gain a deeper understanding of ourselves and support us in obtaining a transparent relationship between our internal selves and our external world.


The dragonfly symbolises change in the perspective of self-realisation. Self-realisation is a state many individuals achieve in therapy. It is when an individual uncovers new concepts they were not previously aware of. Clients can use this new information about themselves/others to change specific aspects of their lives in which they were previously unhappy with. This can contribute to an increase in well-being and promote positive growth.

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